How To: Tips for a Safe & Healthy Experience at the Nail Salon

A bride to be in Tampa, Florida recently underwent emergency surgery after a pedicure left her with a severe infection.

No one can doubt that a pedicure or manicure is a relaxing pampering experience that makes one look and feel attractive.  Our philosophy is that we should all strive to be painlessly beautiful.  As hard as your manicurist may try to sterilize, most bacteria that causes nail fungal infections are extremely difficult to kill and to treat.

Did you know that our Fungi Defender is gentle enough to be used as a preventative treatment? Our proprietary blend of essential oils are tough on fungus, but is also gentle, soothing and moisturizing. 

Here are our tips for a safe experience at the nail salon:

    • Make yourself a personal kit on some of the more affordable items needed to achieve your service.
    • Include a bottle of Fungi Defender. 
      • Ask your manicurist to place a drop under your nails. 
        • You can also place a drop before putting acrylic on your nails
          • Place a drop under your nails and around the, at least twice per week.

            Enjoy being painlessly beautiful!

            Learn more about our Fungi Defender here