About Natural Adventure


Natural Adventure is a company that wishes to partner with folks seeking to explore the use of simply natural and organic therapy, either in conjunction with conventional treatments or basically solo. While we do not diagnose nor treat any disease, we believe that we can journey along with you on your search for a healthy, greener life. We offer a line of natural aromatherapy and skin care products which address the concerns of eczema, shingles, fungus, among other things. Our products are made with all natural, quality ingredients, which have been carefully researched for their therapeutic benefits. We produce only small batches of each product so that shelf life is never an issue. Our mission is to always provide quality products at a reasonable price.


Founded by: Jennifer Orejobi, Certified Aromatherapist / Herbalist
A simple toe nail fungal infection gave birth to Natural Adventure, LLC. For several years Jennifer has been exploring the use of natural cosmetics, as well as various integrative medical treatments.

She was unable to obtain an appointment with a Podiatrist who practices integrative medicine to treat a lingering toenail fungal infection. She therefore decided to go the conventional route. She was prescribed a formula with instructions to apply to the affected nail twice daily, she used the formula as directed for five months. The treatment came in a tiny bottle, at a cost of over fifty dollars. Three bottles down the road and absolutely no change in her condition, desperation got the best of her.

Jennifer decided to research the treatment of nail fungus through essential oils, her research landed her in an Aromatherapy program. One of the topics covered was the proper use of essential oils and their wonderful benefits. She conducted extensive research on bacteria and fungi before formulating the Fungi Defender, a nail fungus treatment which is in the process of being patented. Her aromatherapy certification created a domino effect.  Jennifer continued her education in the field of plant therapy, and has been certified as an Herbalist.  Her main area of study was the effect of herbs on bacteria of the skin.  She has developed a line of eczema, psoriasis and rosacea products.  Her goal is to partner with folks seeking natural therapy, to heal one blister, and one infected nail at a time.